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“Coaching is a wonderful tool to use. I never believed in paying someone to tell me what to do. Most of my life I have found that my friends and family are not honest or supportive of my ideas. Unless it benefited them in some type of way. Soon enough I stopped thinking and dreaming because there was no point if there is no support system to help cultivate the idea into a reality. Through coaching, i have experienced there is hope in my ideas. I do have a grand idea and coaching is helping me search in the dark to find the answers i need to get this ball rolling. Coaching is encouraging me to be what I’m dreaming and hoping i can be. Coaching is giving me a team dedicated to my dream who help me ping pong ideas and concepts to make my dream as big, wide and mind blowing as humanly possible. Coaches are teachers who are spending their life dedicated to helping others achieve their dream, so when did we stop appreciating our teachers and stop allowing them to help?”

~ Rebecca B.

“Working with HYC on intensive level individually helped Mike and I immensely. We both realized that there was a lot that we each had to identify, change and heal within ourselves before we could work as a couple to improve our marriage.

When I first started working with Lindsay and Chris, I honestly was at a point of defeat and was seriously considering ending my relationship. I couldn’t see how it could be fixed without Mike changing and meeting my expectations. By doing the work on my own issues and patterns has shown me that I was wrong.  Trying to “fix” our marriage became a lot easier after we each done our own work independently.

Looking within ourselves first helps us during whatever issue arises in our relationship. There is more active listening which causes more open communication. Having gratitude separately allows for gratitude within the marriage. Learning to love ourselves has allowed pure love without expectations or demands to be what guides us. By granting ourselves permission to grow as individuals, has easily encouraged the healthy changes and growth within our marriage. Where before we were financially separate, we are now together.

Mike and I are grateful everyday for the guidance that we openly received from
Chris and Lindsay. We use the lessons and tools learned to continue to deepen our love for ourselves and each other. Coming together and working as a couple has given us clarity on what our gifts are and what we are passionate about.  We are now able to support and encourage each other to make our dreams our reality.”

~ Tricia & Mike M.

“Working with HYC has been a blessing to our relationship. They gave us the tools to help get through tough times. Today, our foundation is strong, we communicate effectively, we understand each other on a much deeper level, and know how to hold space for each other.”

~ Ash & Charles V.

“Hug your Chaos has taught us how to build a stronger relationship and provided us with tools to better understand each other. Their unique and multidimensional techniques have helped us to grasp the importance of taking our own power – both in our personal lives and with what we’re doing professionally.”

~ Karen & Josh H.

“I haven’t been with u for very long, like only a month or so and in that time I feel stronger, I have started working again, I’m happier within myself and I’m ready to move forward in my life. You guys have started healing my old wounds, you have opened my eyes and helped me realize I’m not alone. You have given me wisdom and insight and finally, shown me, love. You are my go-to gurus. 

~ Tues R.

” I just got back from the smoky mountains. If it wasn’t for Chris and Linds, I never would have tried to take a 7-week vacation by myself. Life is about to get real!!”

~ Caryn W.

“I’m in the Abundant Life Mastery program and I’m on week 2. I am seeing a lot of stuff that I never noticed before. I’m a 47 year old man that is an addict and alcoholic. I got tired of doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I have watched my wife do different programs from other coaches and I watched her get frustrated with them trying to sell stuff. Then I heard Chris and Lindsay. They made sense. Even to me a tough old biker. I realized that what they were saying about self love wasn’t me, I don’t love my self, but thank to their guidance, I’m learning! If you feel in your heart this is where you should be then this is exactly what you need. I am extremely grateful for finding them.”

~ Mike M.

“Abundant Life Mastery is amazing and I can highly recommend jumping on board. Lindsay Carricarte-Jones and Christopher Jones are excellent teachers and their wealth of knowledge is phenomenal! Loved every second of my journey with them and I’m sure you will too 💜 “

~ Carol B.

“Lindsay Carricarte-Jones & Christopher Jones are fantastic guides! They are gentle and real throughout this course! Their teachings are hardcore! So be prepared to work hard on yourself and have your mind blown! It’s worth it! You are worth it! Two thumbs up! 👍👍”

~ Karla L.

“The Abundant Life Mastery Course is absolutely amazing. The passion Lindsay Carricarte-Jones has for this subject shines through every class. Lindsay and Chris are amazing guides who are full of wisdom, experience, truth and support. I highly recommend this course! ! ♡”

~ Tricia M.

“Lindsay’s 7 Wk Chakra Alignment is by far one of my favorite classes I’ve taken this year. 😍 Not only are the classes amazingly in depth, there’s journal prompts, meditations, yoga poses, mini classes on the yantras, even Christopher jumps in and teaches us to make oil blends corresponding to each chakra. (Chris’ Herbal Remedies class is another of my very favorites. Contact him for info on that!) My most favorite part is the sense of community. The women I am going through this class with have become life-long friends. It’s hard not to be close w/ them. They’ve seen me have crazy realizations and I’ve been honored to watch them have their own. I cannot wait for level 2 of Chakra Alignment!”

~ Ashley V.

“Cannot recommend the Abundant Life Mastery Program enough! Lindsay Carricarte-Jones and Christopher Jones are incredible guides!”

~ Claire P.

“Yes! If someone here feels alone in their practice – don’t hesitate {to join the ALM Course} there you won’t be left alone with your thoughts and/or realizations. It’s far better than psychologist session, it’s like it’s on a different plane – where no one is faking. This course means finding true friends, that won’t leave you alone, no matter the time zone. Highly recommended

~ Weronika A.

“When I first joined the meditation boot camp I had BARELY started my meditation practice and I absolutely wasn’t doing it regularly. I was up for this challenge though because I’m hungry for change in my life. This meditation boot camp was one of the first things I actually did for me and it continues to be my main form of self care and self love today. I got into the habit of meditating starting with this 7 day challenge and now I don’t miss a day and it really makes me FEEL good.”

~ Katie S.

“I was recently lucky enough to notice that Lindsay and Christopher were offering a 7 day intensive boot camp in a fb group. I jumped on it, as I’ve known them both through their Hug Your Chaos movement and fb group for some time. I had only ever done guided meditations before, and was never very good at it. I have wanted to learn more about meditating for a long time. Here was my perfect opportunity. I committed to doing 2 meditations a day for 7 days plus watch a short educational video as well. I was instantly amazed at how much progress I was making! And….. I was really enjoying it!! We did pranayama breathing one day and that was very eye opening.I will be incorporating that into my regular meditation practice from now on! I was shocked that I was able to completely quiet my thoughts and just focus on my breathing. I found it slightly challenging, but the rewards were immediate and effective! Each day we explored different types of meditation and I enjoyed every single day! I will be repeating this boot camp regularly, I have saved all the videos on YouTube. I am so grateful to them both for offering this boot camp, and also for providing a safe group to discuss our reactions and impressions with them and others doing the bootcamp. I have recommended this to a few friends already, and would encourage anyone to give this a try! I promise you that you won’t regret it! Thank you deeply Lindsay and Christopher!! You guys rock!!”

~ Retha N.

“I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reaching out and suggesting I write about it. Thank you for taking the time to read it. And, thank you so, so much for your support. Being able to express what I was feeling allowed me to get out of my head. It’s been a long time since I wrote in this way for anyone else. So, it means the world that it touched you enough to publish it. I truly appreciate Hug Your Chaos. Before watching your videos or reading your blog I would be suffering in my fear alone, not wanting to burden anyone with it. So, thank you again.”

~ Ash L.

“Wow, you guys are having a profound effect on my life. I just wanted to tell you both. I went to a social situation to implement my “meditation boot camp” practice to work. Seriously I can NOT tell you how amazing it is to still be wanted as a vocalist and no one got on my nerves. Not that I want to get with this band maybe idk. Anyways… As a serious introvert and empathic human (labels I did find true about myself) I can tell you both the negative is dissipating, all that you’ve taught me is working full force in my daily life. I noticed before about 6 months ago. I would shut down or say the wrong things a lot because I was not present I was wanting to be home so bad I was never there. I get it! You have made it so simple to remind me of these glorious tools for my mind and Spirit. Chris! Lindsay! Thank you for all that you both are. The loving, teaching and guidance that resonates with me so much. I am changed for the better. Closer to the highest possible self.” Blessings and love,

~ Christie S.

“One Day At A Time, it Gets Better following Christopher & Lindsay Carricarte-Jones. This wisdom really gets you through the rough days. You ought to try it.”

~ Tawsha C.

“I have all this chaos going on and then along come Lindsay and Chris of Hug Your Chaos, busting the mold of society… You have no idea how much inspiration, how much energy you guys have given me.. It has been wearing me down to absolutely nothing. Lindsay and Chris have really reignited something that had been pushed down for a very long time. I had just went from day to day not even thinking, just going through motions becoming more angry.. So with their leap, my steps just beginning this year is going to be a great year spiritually for myself and many others!!!”

~ Jessica S.

“I can only speak for myself although I know there are others….I love you both! I can’t even explain how you both have helped me so far! Someday I would like to do your one on one life coaching! You guy are amazing!”

~ Sandy O.

“When I first spoke with Chris, I was suicidal, scared, lonely and a complete recluse. Since we have been talking, I’ve been listening to everything Chris has said and it has started teaching me to respect myself for the first time in my life.Today I left my house and walked about a mile and I feel absolutely awesome. Each time I started to feel anxiety creep in, I started thinking about Chris’ words and my positivity that I could get through this or anything else surged. I feel wonderful and today I put on makeup for the first time in two years. Please keep doing what you’re doing guys because there are a lot of people like me out there that need your help and wisdom.”

~ Sarah R.

“I had the incredible opportunity to come across these two raw, beautiful, straight-forward, and incredibly authentic human beings after a really rough time in my life. I was so stressed out, dealing with anxiety and frustrations fully outside of my control, and they listened to me. I mean fully LISTENED to me. I can’t tell you how seldom you actually feel that in your life. So much of what we do is listening for our cue to speak, instead of really being present with the person in front of us. The feedback I received from them was simple and priceless. Don’t let someone else’s lack of love or respect for you make you think it’s a reflection of you. It’s not. In your mind, you can place the energy of their poor treatment of you back where it belongs – on them. This is, of course, just one nugget of wisdom they had for me. In this little corner of the world where they’re growing love for even the prickliest of us, and weeding out the life’s BS struggles … this is where you learn that nothing outside of you can solve your problems. It all comes from you.”

~ Laura H.

“My family has been divinely blessed by knowing these two amazing souls that are Hug your Chaos. We worked together for several months during my relocation from the east coast, which at times was extremely difficult. Living in a hotel and having to move every 27 days for the last 10 months has been quite trying especially with pets. Their support throughout the process has been invaluable. We had difficulty finding someone to rent to us due to my credit score and my son’s lack of credit. When Chris and Lindsay decided to launch their business and go on the road, they went above and beyond to help us rent their apartment. They helped us financially even though they were strapped as well. They truly want to help others and believe in fair energy exchange. It is not about making money for them. They find true pleasure in helping others achieve their dreams.

I know they don’t want accolades but I want everyone far and wide to know these two souls are the real deal. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, they practice what they preach! I know their movement is going to be phenomenal to watch and be a part of. If you are looking for wisdom, truth, and authenticity…I found it in these two generous, heartfelt souls… Lindsay Carricarte-Jones and Christopher Jones, you are two truly special people and I cannot wait to witness your amazing journey. Thank you for giving my son and I a safe place to Hug our Chaos! My youngest son is relocating now that we have a home! You have helped me reunite my family!!! There aren’t enough words to show my appreciation. I love you both dearly and hope my message helps spread the movement! I know you are going to help change the lives of everyone you work with for their highest good. Everyone…HUG YOUR CHAOS today!”

~ Kim S.

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