Welcome to the Unblocking the Abundant Flow Worksheet, for creating a Powerful Life, Deep Self Empowerment Worksheet & Questionnaire.

Are you wondering why your intention setting just doesn’t seem to manifest? Read on!

Somewhere in the back of our heads, we all believe that we should be able to create anything we want in life through a simple intention setting practice. We watch as people around us manifest everything their heart’s desire and we can’t help but feel as though we should be able to do the same.

It’s like we inherently know somewhere within us we do have the power for intention setting that works.

But where is it?

We set intentions around what we wish to create in our lives, but we can’t quite seem to make it appear. We wonder why. We watch others as they seemingly manifest to their heart’s content while we stay stuck! Often we end up falling into a state of,“woe is me, I must just be unlucky.”

This mindset is wrought with errors. It reeks of outdated programming as well as a quitter mentality. And this is exactly why we can’t successfully create what it is we are seeking to manifest. We are sabotaging our intention setting on a deep subconscious level.

This worksheet is designed to blast open your self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns. It’s designed to shine a bright light on where you are holding yourself back. In doing so, we then stand in a space where we are able to begin consciously creating the life we truly want for ourselves.

Only once we’ve become aware of the paradigms that power our daily life, have we got the ability to declare ownership over them and do anything about them. All too often we try to do this work on our own, not realizing that we are approaching the problems from the level they were created – at the level of our own mind.

It’s much more successful when we have a teacher, a guide, or someone to show us where to look. We are honored to be those guides! Let us show you exactly how we’ve unblocked out own connection to abundant living. It all begins here!