Today is the day you have been waiting your entire life for!

The day when you not only discover what it is you want in life, but how to actually achieve it.

Up until this point, you have had a constant “Not Quite Right” feeling sitting in your chest. Your paycheck has been the rent that your boss has needed to pay you to sell your dreams!

Sure, you may have the relationship, the children, the house, the cars, the boat… But life still don’t seem all that fulfilling to you. Something is missing, and you don’t know what.

Enter Your Passion is Your Paycheck

This 8-week system WILL show you what’s most important in your life, and more importantly, HOW to connect to it in order to achieve the most beautifully empowered life you’ve ever dreamed possible.

What you learn:

Week 1: 
Self Connection – Discovering and connecting to the things you are passionate about
Routine – Creating a routine that assists you in stepping into a fully monetized pursuit of your passions

Week 2:
Niche – Discovering what your unique “WHAT” is in life
Mindset – Cultivating the mindset that supports a full development of your “WHAT”
Branding – How to turn your passion into a brand

Week 3:
Why – Understanding the importance of a strong emotional connection to your “WHAT”. Why do you want it?
Social Media – Leveraging your Social Media presence to support the monetizing of your passion

Week 4:
Your map – Forging the framework of your “HOW”. What is the map to get you there?
Your voice – The importance of using your unique voice to establish Brilliance in your chosen field

Week 5:
Momentum – The value of persistence, consistency and daily discipline
Email lists – The “how to” of email marketing

Week 6:
Belief systems – Breaking free from the systemized mindset: YOU can generate your own money!
Courses – Developing your online courses

Week 7:
The Shift – From employee to Business Owner, from Business Owner to Entrepreneur
Platforms – Navigating the jungle of online tools to support your growing brand

Week 8:
Abundance – Mindset training for cultivating a perfect flow of abundance
Your new Brand – Advertising and content marketing 101

Bonus content:
Saturation – How to thrive in a saturated market or red ocean.

Additional Courses:

To assist the process of making this massive life shift, when you enroll into Your Passion Is Your Paycheck, you will also be given FREE access to the following:

Money Mindset program – a 4 week program that helps change the way you view money and your relationship with it.

CEO System – a video program to teach you how to optimize what you’re working to achieve.