Welcome to Hug Your Chaos. What we offer is an empowering new twist on living life authentically. All through life we are taught to avoid and suppress the darkness that we have within. We try to live according to the standards and dreams of other people. We end up alone, miserable, disconnected, depressed, addicting, and apathetic.

Life is meant to be so much more than this! We want to guide you towards a better and more integrated way of living as we have done for ourselves.

What is Hug Your Chaos?

It is a movement… a shift in perspective. It takes us away from the societal programming that says we cannot allow others to see us feeling anything other than good.

Hug Your Chaos is about taking us away from fearing our darkness and embracing it as an equal part of who we are.

It is about standing beautifully in ALL of the faces of our truth.

This movement is an embracing of the gritty, the messy, the gloriously chaotic aspects of life that lead to REAL and COMPLETE empowerment!

It is about taking our power back and living a life that matters.

For starters, come by the Hug Your Chaos blog where we honor all things darkness and light. We seek to light the way and forge human connections with our readers. We share our own struggles, joys, and practices for living the Hug Your Chaos way. Find the Light blog here and the Dark blog here

Who are “We”?

We’re happy to meet you! “We” are Lindsay Carricarte-Jones and Christopher Jones, the founders of Hug Your Chaos. We created this movement because we are here to help others heal and empower themselves as we each did in our own lives. Read here if you would like to learn more about us as humans!

We’ve struggled through the first part of life in our own ways – Lindsay with the chaos of addiction and depression. Chris with the chaotic darkness of anxiety and clinical depression. We now live free of these and seek to offer others a new way of living through a fresh perspective on life.

We seek to empower, teach, and inspire YOU!

What does Hug Your Chaos offer?

  • Do you sometimes struggle with that “not quite right” feeling?
  • Or, do you often have a hard time accepting where your life is at RIGHT NOW?
  • Perhaps you KNOW deep down that there is so much more to life but don’t know how to get there?
  • Do you live in pain because deep down you know that you aren’t living your own authentic life?
  • Read more on the specific services and chaos coaching we offer.

Book your FREE 30 minute BREAKTHROUGH call with us!

Lindsay and Chris of Hug Your Chaos work with people like you who are searching for “that something more” in life. We serve as guides as you leave disconnection, discontent, and the “not quite right” behind in order to find Abundance, Life Mastery, Empowerment and Peace.

To learn more: hugyourchaos.com/about

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